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Preparing for your child's portrait session

To capture your child in a unique and timeless portrait, it is important to understand how the proper clothing and props  can help to create that perfect portrait.  With that in mind, we offer the following tips to help you prepare for your child’s portrait session.

1.  Solid colors or small prints on a child’s clothing will allow the child’s face to dominate the portrait.  When the outfit is too busy, it will distract from the center of the portrait which should be the child’s face.  Medium to dark, solid colors help to center the attention on the child when a darker background is used.  Solid, lighter colors are a good choice when a lighter or white background is used.

2.  A casual styled portrait can be created when the play clothes are of a solid, soft color.

3.  Bring in special toys or props that are favorites of your child.  Often times, they can easily be incorporated into the portrait.

4.  Little children always look precious in pastel or white clothing when photographed with a soft color or white background.

5.  Clothing coordination is very important when more than one child will be in the portrait.

6.  Whenever a pet is to be included in the portrait, be sure to bring someone along to handle the pet when it is not being photographed.

7.  If you have additional questions or ideas, feel free to give us a call.  We’re here to help you.