"Our Image is Your Image"


Most people do not understand the copyright law.  The copyright law protects the work of authors, artists and other creative talents.  The vast majority of these people are self-employed.  In order to protect their income, the law provides harsh penalties for illegal copying, know as “copyright infringement.”  The penalties can run from $10,000 to $100,000 per illegal copy.

The instant a professional photographer takes a photograph, it is copyrighted.  The law provides that the author of the work, in this case the photographer, is the owner of the copyright.  He or she owns all the rights to the use of that image even if they were paid to create the image.

All of our images are protected by the Federal Copyright Law before and after purchase.  It is illegal to copy, scan or reproduce in any way, any of these images.  Only Frederick’s Photography can make duplicate images.  We will try to accommodate reasonable requests  for duplication for products we do not offer.  A copyright release will not be given for any product that is available at Frederick’s Photography.  Violators are subject to civil and criminal penalties.