"Our Image is Your Image"

Senior Philosophy

In almost 30  years of photographing seniors, we do have some opinions on the subject.  We understand that photography is not only about posing and cameras, but also about being friendly, organized and dedicated to create the images you dreamed of.  To that end, here are some reasons you should choose Fredrick’s Photography:

We love photographing seniors!  It’s just about the most fun thing we do.  We are open to just about any ideas (within the bounds of morality and legality of course.)  Bring us your ideas.  Sometimes it works out that the crazier the idea, the better it is.

We don’t double book seniors. You have our individual attention during your session and there is only one photographer here.  When you choose Frederick’s Photography, Fred is the guy who’s going to photograph you.

We use the highest quality equipment available.  Frederick’s is constantly upgrading and investing in the best, and we are always improving ourselves through continuing education.  You have control over your portraits.  Do you want them sharp, soft, black and white or colorized?  There are many options for enhancements at Frederick’s.

We know you can’t wait.  Your previews will be ready in about a week and your finished order in about four weeks.

Our quality is guaranteed.  From retouching to framing, if you’re not happy with something we’ll fix it.

Our value is incomparable.  You can find studios that charge more and some that charge less.  What you have to decide is what is the best value for your money.  Look at lots of photographs, get all the money questions answered up front.  Ask our staff any and all questions you may have, and we think you’ll decide Frederick’s has the best value, the best quality and the best price.