"Our Image is Your Image"

Planning Your Wedding

We may only have the special day to capture your wedding, but we do need time before the big day to plan the photographs.  It is most important that you contact us to book your wedding date as soon as you set it.  We have built a strong reputation with our wedding photography so it is not uncommon for weddings to be booked a year in advance.  Once you have booked the day, it is important you begin working with us to discuss the style of photography that best fits you and your wedding plans.  A wedding album is a keepsake that couples will look at many times over the years.  You will want it to accurately capture the essence of your special day.  The fresh flowers will fade and the taste of the dinner will be forgotten, but your memories will be stirred each time you look at your wedding portrait album.

Helpful tips for planning your wedding

1.  Be sure your family and friends and especially the wedding party are aware of the starting time for photographs.  Family members including in-laws and members of the wedding party should be ready well before the actual starting time.  Be sure to tell your florist when pictures will begin so all flowers and decorations can be in place and ready to go.

2.  Eat!  Eating helps settle your nerves.  If possible, have snacks and soft drinks available to the families and wedding party at the church.  A “settled” stomach will help the day go much smoother.

3.  Use your normal makeup on your wedding day.  Powder will help cut down on the facial shine and a cover stick can hide blemishes. 

4.  Try all of the tuxedoes on at the store before bringing them home.  If this isn’t possible for everyone, try them on at the wedding rehearsal.  Don’t forget to try on the shoes and ties as well.  Get the phone number of the tuxedo shop in case they need to be called on the day of the wedding.  Make sure all of the studs and cuff links are included and that everything is the right color.

5.  If you wear glasses, we recommend that you visit your optician and borrow a pair of matching, empty frames for the day.  This helps eliminate distortion and glass glare.  You may wear your regular glasses (with lenses) for the ceremony and reception, but blank frames will improve the quality of your photographs.

6.  Be sure to have with you the phone numbers (and cell phone numbers) of everyone in the wedding party.  You should also have the numbers of any businesses who are providing services or products on your wedding day.  If some one doesn’t arrive on time, you’ll be able to call them.

7.  Tuxedoes usually come with shoes, but there’s no reason that the bride can’t wear comfortable shoes under her gown.  If you get new shoes to go with your gown, wear them around the house for several weeks beforehand to break them in.

8.  If you have  special candles or candelabras at the altar and you want them lit for the photographs, we recommend you have  a second set of “replacement” candles on hand for the ceremony.  Air conditioning and  fans will cause the candles to burn more quickly and to drip.

9.  Be sure you are happy with how the church is decorated.  During some holiday seasons, some churches put up banners and other decorations for the season.  If you don’t want them in your photographs, discuss it with the wedding coordinator at your church.

10.  When making reception plans, consider where you will place your cake table and how it will be photographed.  Are there distracting wall hangings or even a fire extinguisher in the background?  If you are going to put up a backdrop behind the cake table, make sure it is at least eight feet high.

11.  Have your wedding rings close at hand during the photo session.  Several photographs will feature the rings so it helps if they can be easily located.

12.  Get plenty of rest the night before.  No amount of makeup can substitute for being well rested.

13.  Please do not pin your white aisle runner down before the photographs.  There will be plenty of time to pin it down after the photo session.